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Code: DIC10976
Manufacturer: Ammonite system
Price: 945 $

Versatile source of light, performs exceptionally well in all conditions!Very strong light up to 1600 lm.Light intensity adjustment, Unicase® technology.Low weight, compact design, maximum use depth 200 m.

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It is one of Ammonite System's most versatile torches, performing perfectly in both communication and exploration of the underwater world.

Very strong, up to 1600 lm, spot light beam providing the light distribution angle of 6?; the total light distribution angle amounts to 11?.
The torch provides intensely white light featuring colour temperature of 8000?K
Light intensity adjustment of 20%, 60%, 100% of the full capacity.
Unicase® technology anodised aluminium casing.
Compact design, low weight as well as high resistance to weather changes and mechanical deterioration.
Maximum use depth - 200 m.

LED SOLARIS - Specification

LED SOLARIS Applications: diving - as a versatile primary light source.
The source of light is provided by 4 XPG LED's from the American Cree® company, featuring a total of 18W maximum power output; light colour temperature of 8000?K.
The primary light beam distribution angle of 6? and the total distribution angle of 11?.
The head is fitted with a microchip switch providing light intensity adjustment of 20%, 60% and 100% of the full capacity.
The switch has an additional function signalling low battery life.
Unicase® technology anodised aluminium casing providing high resistance to weather changes and adverse conditions including high salt level water.
The front glass is made of 6 mm tempered glass; sealed with three o-rings.

Maximum dimensions: length 88 mm, diameter O 70 mm.
The head features a socket to plug in the power cable. The power cable plug is fitted with two o-rings enabling hermetic seal once the head is tightened up.
All chargeable batteries produced by AmmoniteSystem can be used to supply power to the head.
Chargeable batteries recommended for use with the head: ACCU 10 Ah, ACCU 5 Ah.

LED SOLARIS Specification
light source 4x3 LED XPG
maximum output light 1600 lm
light distribution: spot angle 6?
light distribution: total angle 11?
total power 18 W
colour temperature 8000 K
LED life span 50000 hours
power supply voltage 12 V
switch type magnetic sensor
with light intensity control
material anodised aluminium / DELRIN®
max. length 88 mm
max. diameter 70 mm
front glass 6 mm tempered
weight 350 g
weight in water 130 g
pressure test 25 bar
max. service depth 200 m