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Choosing the Right Diving Fins


The basic purpose of a pair of fins is to move you through the water much more efficiently than if we were just flapping our arms and legs around which are pretty much useless once you have added bulky equipment and drag into the equation. You might think that one set of fins is the same as another set but there are actually a number of different styles and technologies at work. On top of that different types of diving can favour a certain style of fin because it is better suited for the environment.

If you are in the market for a new pair of fins but are not sure how each type of fin differs then this scuba diving fin guide will help to explain the different blade technologies and look at some of the features available.



The first decision you'll need to make is whether you want a pair of fins with an open heel or a full foot pocket. For most diving you'll need an open heel pocket that can accommodate neoprene and drysuit boots as well as being heavier and stiffer to provide better propulsion for bulky dive kit. Full foot fins are significantly lighter, make great pool fins or if you are diving somewhere nice and hot where you'll be diving with bare feet or with just a pair of fin socks.



If you go for an open heel fin you'll come across a variety of fin strap types ranging from a basic adjustable rubber strap to stretchy spring or bungee straps. The basic strap is simply loosened to allow it to fit over the heel and then pulled tight to secure the foot in the pocket.

There are variants including expanding buckles that all the strap tightness to be set and then expanding sections released for donning and doffing before securing back in place to tighten.

The most common type of strap found on high end fins are spring or bungee straps that are very quick and easy to fit by simply pulling the strap over the heel. The spring or elasticity of the strap then provide a comfortable pull to keep your foot in the pocket.

Most fins can be upgraded from a rubber adjustable strap to a spring or bungee strap by either fitting a manufacturer specific kit or a universal strap kit.

Always remember that you are there to enjoy yourself!